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Question138 Do you need any qualifications to become a Noh performer?


Most Noh performers are freelance sole proprietors.

Many Kabuki actors have exclusive contracts with Shochiku Co, Ltd. and the company produces their performances, but Noh performers are basically responsible for their own productions, including background work.

But the links between the actors are not poor.

A Noh performance requires cooperation between leading and supporting actors, Kyōgen actors, and musicians.

Noh performers have close ties with others.

The Nohgaku Performers' Association is an organisation for all Noh performers, including Kyōgen actors and musicians.

While there is no national qualification for Noh actors, membership of the organisation may be a requirement for a professional performer.

The organisation does not take care of individual performances, however.

Tasks such as negotiating with co-performers and venues and preparations for tickets are mostly carried out by leading actors.

Leading actors are required to have multifunctional skills not only in performance but in management and production.

(March. 22 2016)

illustration : Hiroko Sakaki

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