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Question125 How do tsure and waki actors choose their costumes?


In Noh plays, the leading actor is known as the shite. Tsure, waki and ai-kyōgen actors wait to see the costume of the shite to check its design and colour, and then choose their own to highlight it. Waki and ai-kyōgen actors also consider the motif of the play when selecting their costumes.

Since shite, waki and kyōgen actors have different duties, they rarely discuss beforehand what they will wear for a performance. As a general rule, waki and ai-kyōgen actors bring several costumes to the dressing room on the day of the performance and select one of them there. They also make sure the costume chosen does not match any to be used in the other programmes performed that day.

The masks of the tsure are mostly chosen after the shite selects his.

(November. 13, 2013)

illustration : Hiroko Sakaki

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