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Question84 What special way is the small tabor played in "Dōjōji"?


In the ranbyōshi scene of "Dōjōji", a highlight of Part One, the leading actor and the small tabor player alone perform in a highly charged atmosphere. The call-outs and taps of the player are timed to go with the actor's toe and heel movements. The breathing of the actor and the player fill the stage with a sense of tension. In the scene, the tabor player reseats himself to face the leading actor as to emphasize the stage is produced by the two of them.

In Noh, the leading actor and the musicians rarely engage with each other obviously or directly, even though they are on the same stage. Therefore, the scene of ranbyōshi in "Dōjōji" is extremely rare. The actor commences the movement absolutely slowly and softly, and continues it for more than ten minutes. If you concentrate on the subtle movements, you will find a special excitement watching the intense session with the tabor player..

(Sep. 2, 2010)

illustration : Hiroko Sakaki

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