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Welcome to the mystique of Noh, the traditional Japanese performing art that has been recognized as a world cultural heritage. The site "" is your gateway to this unique and profound art with over six hundred years of history.

Ohara Goko PhotoStory
Lead Actor of the Kanze School, Gensho Umewaka, Head of the Rokuro Umewaka Family.
People behind the scenes. SEIJI KASAI Interview
Noh Theatre Map in Japan
The National Noh Theatre Virtual Tour
Noh Terminology

Beginners to Noh face many unknown technical expressions. This glossary organizes such terms by category.

Essay: Noh and Me
Trivia Trivia Question and Answer

Although Noh is a classic stage art, of which Japan is proud, only a handful of the Japanese have actually visited a Noh theater and appreciated Noh programs. Therefore, answers questions that surprise and enchant Noh beginners who have not yet familiar with the Noh world.

Flash STORY PAPER Introducing the world of Noh

The site "" is a full of rich information about Noh. You will enjoy photo stories that take you to the center of the Noh stage, reading material that helps you understand everything about Noh, articles that highlight the people who work on front stage or behind the scenes, a list of plays with guiding directories, the stories of Noh masks, and a lot more to come. From beginners to experts, there's always something that catches your eye.

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