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Plays DataBase Yamamba (Mountain Crone) : Details StoryDataPhotoStory

Schools All five
Category The Fifth group noh, kirinoh-mono, kijo-mono
Author Zeami (according to one tradition)
Subject Unknown
Season Unknown
Scenes Sakaigawa (Mount Agero) in Echigo Province
Characters Mae-shite Woman
Nochi-shite Yamamba (Mountain Crone)
Tsure Dancer (Hyakuma-yamamba)
Waki Retainer
Waki-tsure Servants (two or three)
Ai A local person
Masks Mae-shite Shakumi, Fukai, Ōmi-onna, or Ryōno-onna
Nochi-shite Yamamba
Tsure Ko-omote
Costumes Mae-shite Mae-shite kazura (wig), kazura-obi (belt for a wig), ironashi karaori (a short-sleeved kimono outer robe worn by female characters, with no rouge in its patterns), and kitsuke / surihaku (short-sleeved kimono worn as the innermost layer of the costume of a female character).
Nochi-shite a long white wig, hira-motoyui, ironashi atsuita dressed in tsuboori style (thickly woven kimono without rouge in patterns, folded up at the knee and tuck the hem at the waist), kitsuke / surihaku, hangire (a type of hakama worn by strong characters such as demons, gods and warriors), koshi-obi (belt), a fan, and kase-zue (T-shaped stick).
Tsure kazura, kazura-obi, karaori, kitsuke / surihaku, and a fan.
Waki tops and bottoms of suō (A long-sleeved unlined hemp kimono with matching top and bottom worn by male characters), kitsuke / dan-noshime (short-sleeved kimono with very wide stripes, worn as the innermost layer of the costumes of male characters of lesser standing), a small sword, and a fan.
Waki-tsure tops and bottoms of suō, kitsuke / muji-noshime (short-sleeved kimono with no pattern, worn as the innermost layer of the costumes of male characters of lesser standing), a small sword, and a fan.
Ai naga-kamishimo (tops and bottoms of kimono with long hakama style trousers).
Number of scenes Two
Length About 1 hour and 40 minutes

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