Plays DataBaseJinen-Koji : Details

Schools All five
Category The fourth group Noh, geizukushi-mono
Author Kannami
Subject Unknown
Season Not Determined
Scenes Ungo-ji (Unko-ji) Temple in Kyoko, and the Shore of Lake Biwa in Ōtsu in Ōmi Province
Characters Shite Jinen-Koji
Kokata Girl or Boy
Waki Human Trafficker
Waki-tsure Second Human Trafficker
Ai Man Living in the Town around Ungo-ji (Unko-ji) Temple
Masks Mae-shite Kasshiki, Ōkasshiki
Costumes Shite Kasshiki-kazura (a wig), kara (a piece of square cloth worn over other clothes by Buddhism priests), mizugoromo (a type of knee-length kimono), kitsuke / atsuita (a type of short-sleeved kimono mainly worn by male characters) (nuihaku (a short-sleeved kimono with embroidery and with gold or silver flakes placed on the fabric), surihaku), hakama in ōkuchi-style (white), koshi-obi (belt), Buddhist prayer beads, and a fan. Carrying a kakko (small tabor) in their waist. Also, wearing ushiroori-eboshi (an eboshi- style headdress) in changing their costume on the stage.
Kokata kazura (wig), kazura-obi (a band for a wig), karaori (a short-sleeved kimono outer robe worn by female characters), kitsuke / nuihaku. Holding a letter and a kosode (a type of kimono) in their hands. [If it is a boy, he wears kitsuke / nuihaku and nagabakama (hakama-style trousers with long-stretched trains).]
Waki tops and bottoms of suō (A long-sleeved unlined hemp kimono with matching top and bottom worn by male characters), kitsuke / muji-noshime (short-sleeved unpatterned kimono, worn as the innermost layer of the costumes of male characters of lesser standing) [kitsuke / dan-noshime], a small sword, a fan, and a barge pole.
Waki-tsure Same as the Waki
Ai kyōgen-kamishimo (tops and bottoms of kimono for kyōgen-kata)
Number of scenes One
Length About 1 hour and 20 minutes

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