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The Chinese children of So Kei have come to Japan from Mingzhou (near present-day Ningbo, Zhejiang province) in search of their captured father.
They travel to Hakozaki Bay, Chikuzen province (present-day Fukuoka prefecture), after hearing So Kei is there.
野村耕介、石田幸雄 他
In Japan, So Kei has fathered two children and is doing hard labor as a cow-herd.
武田喜永 他
After hearing that the Chinese children have come for So Kei, the man from Hakozaki gives him permission to return to his home country. So Kei is surprised and happy.
The Hakozaki man refuses the request of the Japanese children to go to China with So Kei.
武田喜永 他
So Kei weeps, caught between his Chinese children, who want him to return home, and Japanese children, who can't go.
In an impossible situation, So Kei decides to drown himself, but his children stop him.
中森貫太 他
Impressed by their strong feelings, the Hakozaki man allows the Japanese children to go to China. They all board the boat.
武田喜永 他
Overjoyed, So Kei dances on the boat.
関根祥六 他
They set sail for China.
中森貫太 他
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