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It is the Heian era. A retainer of Engi no Mikado plans to visit the shrine of Benzaiten on Chikubu-shima Island. On the shore of Lake Biwa, he comes across an old fisherman and a young woman on a fishing boat.
The retainer asks if he can ride the boat to Chikubu-shima Island. After hearing that he is a worshipper, the pair decide to accept the will of the gods. The retainer joins them on the boat.
From the lake, the spring flowers in bloom on the mountain look like white snow. In an unseasonable cool wind, the boat soon reaches Chikubu-shima Island. Fish play in the lake, whose green waters mirror the trees.
The retainer sees that the woman is coming to the shrine and wonders whether females are prohibited. He is told that Benzaiten embodies femininity and doesn’t distinguish between men and women. The woman heads off to the shrine and the old man to the lake.
A priest from the shrine comes out. He offers to show the retainer a secret art called “stepping stones” and leaps in the air.
Before long, the hall of the shrine rumbles. The celestial maiden Benzaiten appears, shining like the sun and moon rising from the mountain shadows.
Music fills the empty skies. As flowers fall from above, the celestial maiden starts an enchanting dance.
The glittering sleeve of the celestial maiden flutters in the moonlight as she enjoys the evening dance.
Time passes. With the moon shining clearly on the surface of the lake, the dragon deity appears from the water. He offers golden and silver balls to the retainer.
Every part of the body of the dragon deity expresses good fortune. With the celestial maiden, it forms two sides of a single whole to rescue all living creatures.
Today, the ancient shrine precincts of Chikubu-shima Island are covered with greenery.
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