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Plays DataBase Matsumushi (Bell Crickets) : Details StoryDataPhotoStory

Schools All five
Category The Fourth Group Noh
Author Unknown (Zeami or Komparu Zenchiku, according to different legends)
Subject Kanajo (Kana Preface) of Kokin Waka-shu (Collection of Japanese Poetry of Ancient and Modern Times)
Season Fall
Scene Abeno in Settsu Province
Characters Mae-shite Villager
Nochi-shite Ghost of the Villager
Tsure Friend of the Villager
Waki Merchant
Ai Local Man
Masks Mae-shite None
Nochi-shite Mikazuki, Ayakashi, Awa-otoko, Chigusa-otoko, Shinkaku, Yase-otoko, etc.
Costumes Mae-shite Shike-mizugoromo (a type of knee-length kimono of middling quality) or kake-suō (tops of a long-sleeved unlined hemp kimono worn by male characters), kitsuke / dan-noshime (short-sleeved kimono with very wide stripes, worn as the innermost layer of the costumes of male characters of lesser standing), or hakama in ōkuchi-style (white), koshi-obi (belt), a fan, and a sedge hat.
Nochi-shite Kuroji-hachimaki (a black headband), kurogashira (a long black wig), happi (happi-style kimono) that can be worn with the sleeves taken off of the shoulders, kitsuke / atsuita (a short-sleeved, thickly-woven kimono mainly worn by male characters), hangire (a type of hakama trousers worn by strong characters such as demons, gods, and warriors),koshi-obi, and a fan.
Tsure Yore-mizugoromo (a long-sleeved garment with a transparent appearance, worn by male and female characters of lesser standing), kitsuke / muji-noshime (short-sleeved kimono with no pattern, worn as the innermost layer of the costumes of male characters of lesser standing) or hakama in ōkuchi-style (white), koshi-obi, and a fan.
Waki Tops and bottoms of suō, kitsuke / muji-noshime or dan-noshime, a small sword, and a fan.
Ai Naga-kamishimo (long-sleeved kimono worn with a sleeveless robe and a pair of hakama trousers with trailing hems), kitsuke / dan-noshime, a small sword, and a fan.
Number of scenes Two
Length About 1 hour and 30 minutes

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