Plays DataBaseKasuga Ryūjin (The Dragon God of Kasuga) : Details

Schools All five.
Category The Fifth-Group Noh, Oni-mono
Author Unknown (According to traditions, Komparu Zenchiku or Zeami)
Subject Kokon Chomonjū (A Collection of Notable Events, Old and New), Volume 1
Season Spring (March in the lunar calendar)
Scene Village of Kasuga in Yamato Province
Characters Mae-shite Old Priest of Kasuga Shrine
Nochi-shite Dragon God
Waki Monk Myōe
Waki-tsure Monk Attending Myōe
Ai A God of a Lower-Ranked Shrine / Shinto Priest
Masks Mae-shite Kojō, Koushi-jō,Akobujō, etc
Nochi-shite Kurohige
Ai Noborihige
Costumes Mae-shite Jō-kami (wig for an old man), okina-eboshi (eboshi-style headdress worn by an old man or a Shinto priest), kariginu-style kimono, kitsuke / kogōshi-atsuita (thickly woven kimono with small checked pattern), hakama in ōkuchi-style (white), koshi-obi (belt), and a fan.
Nochi-shite Long red wig, ryūdai (crown worn exclusively by dragon gods), happi-style kimono, kitsuke / atsuita (a type of short-sleeved kimono mainly worn by male characters), hangire (a type of hakama worn by strong characters such as demons, gods and warriors), koshi-obi, a fan, and a stick for beating.
Waki Sumi-bōshi (a hood for regular Buddhist monks), mizugoromo (a type of knee-length kimono), kitsuke / kogōshi-atsuita, hakama in ōkuchi-style (white), koshi-obi, Buddhist prayer beads, and a fan.
Waki-tsure Sumi-bōshi, mizugoromo, kitsuke / kogōshi-atsuita or kitsuke / muji-noshime (a short-sleeved kimono without a pattern that is worn as the innermost layer of the costumes of male characters of lesser standing), hakama in ōkuchi-style (white), koshi-obi, Buddhist prayer beads, and a fan.
Ai Massha-zukin (a type of hood worn by lower-ranking priests), mizugoromo, kukuri-bakama (a style of wearing hakama trousers by tucking up the bottoms at the knee with string), and a pair of gaiters.
Number of scenes Two
Length About 1 hour

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