Plays DataBaseHyakuman : Details

Schools All five
Category The Fourth group Noh, kyōjo-mono
Author Zeami (Based upon “Saga-monogurui,” created by Kannami)
Subject Unknown
Season Spring (March in the lunar calendar)
Scene Seiryōji Temple in Sagano, Kyoto
Characters Shite Hyakuman
Kokata Hyakuman’s son
Waki Man (or Monk) (depending on the school or setting)
Ai Someone living around the temple (Someone living around Seiryōji Temple in Sagano)
Masks Shite Shakumi or Fukai
Costumes Shite Kazura (wig), kazura-obi (band for a wig), maeori-eboshi (eboshi-style headdress), chōken (an unlined, long-sleeved, elegant garment worn by dancing female characters), kitsuke / surihaku (short-sleeved kimono, worn as the innermost layer of the costume of a female character), koshimaki / nuihaku (a short-sleeved kimono with embroidery and with gold or silver flakes placed on the fabric), koshi-obi (belt), a fan, and a twig of bamboo grass.
Kokata Kitsuke / nuihaku, nagabakama (hakama-style trousers with long-stretched trains), and a fan.
Waki [in the case of a man] Tops and bottoms of suō (a long-sleeved unlined hemp kimono with matching top and bottom worn by male characters), kitsuke / dan-noshime (short-sleeved kimono with very wide stripes, worn as the innermost layer of the costumes of male characters of lesser standing), a small sword, and a fan.
[in the case of a monk] Sumi-bōshi (a hood for regular Buddhist monks), mizugoromo (a type of knee-length kimono), kitsuke / dan-noshime, koshi-obi, a fan, and Buddhist prayer beads.
Ai Naga-kamishimo (a long-sleeved kimono worn with a sleeveless robe and a pair of hakama trousers with trailing hems).
Number of scenes One
Length About 1 hour and 20 minutes

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