Plays DataBaseMii-dera (Mii-dera Temple) : Details

Schools All five
Category The fourth group Noh, kyōjo-mono
Author Unknown
Subject Unknown
Season Autumn (Augusut according to the lunar calendar)
Scenes The first half Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto
The second half Mii-dera Temple in Ōmi Province
Characters Mae-shite Senmitsu’s mother
Nochi-shite Senmitsu’s mother who became a mad woman
Kokata Senmitsu
Waki A monk residing in Mii-dera Temple
Waki-tsure Monks who serve as attendants (two or three)
Ai Man living in the town developed around Kiyomizu Temple
Ai Temple servant in Mii-dera Temple
Masks Shite Shakumi or Fukai
Costumes Mae-shite kazura (wig), kazura-obi (wig band), karaori (a short-sleeved kimono outer robe worn by female characters), kitsuke / surihaku (short-sleeved kimono, worn as the innermost layer of the costume of a female character) [or karaori worn in tsuboori-style, koshimaki/nuihaku], and Buddhist prayer beads.
Nochi-shite kazura, kazura-obi, mizugoromo (a type of knee-length kimono), kitsuke / surihaku, koshimaki / nuihaku, koshi-obi (belt), and a fan. Holding a stick of bamboo grass in her hand.
Kokata kitsuke / nuihaku, nagabakama (a hakama style trousers with long-stretched trains), and a fan.
Waki sumi-bōshi (a hood for regular Buddhist monks), mizugoromo, kitsuke / kogōshi-atsuita (thickly-woven kimono with small check pattern), hakama in ōkuchi-style (white), koshi-obi, Buddhist prayer beads, and a fan.
Waki-tsure sumi-bōshi, mizugoromo, kitsuke / muji-noshime (short-sleeved kimono with no pattern, worn as the innermost layer of the costumes of male characters of lesser standing), hakama in ōkuchi-style (white), koshi-obi, Buddhist prayer beads, and a fan.
Ai (Man living around Kiyomizu Temple) naga-kamishimo (tops and bottoms of kimono with long hakama style trousers)
Ai (temple servant) nōriki-zukin (a hood worn by temple servant), yore-mizugoromo (a long-sleeved garment with a transparent appearance, worn by male and female characters of lesser standing),kukuri-bakama (a way of wearing hakama trousers, tucking the bottoms up at the knee with a string).
Number of scenes Two
Length About 1 hour and 30 minutes

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