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Schools All five. The Chinese characters used by the schools differ; the characters “賀茂” are used in the Kanze and Kita schools, while “加茂” is used in the others.
Category The First group noh, wakinoh-mono
Author Komparu Zenchiku (some parts are created by Hosho Tayū, according to one tradition.)
Subject Kamo Jinja Engi (History of the Kamo Shrines)” etc.
Season Summer (June in the lunar calendar)
Scenes Kamo Shrine in Yamashiro Province (Kyoto)
Tsukurimono Yatate (a cubic or a round structure made of bamboo to support an arrow)
Characters Mae-shite Village woman
Nochi-shite Deity of Wakeikazuchi
Mae-tsure Village woman
Nochi-tsure Celestial maiden (Diety of Mioya)
Waki Priest serving at Muro no Myōjin
Waki-tsure Two or three servants
Ai Deity of a lower-ranked shrine
Masks Mae-shite
Nochi-shite Ōtobide
Mae-tsure Ko-omote
Nochi-tsure Ko-omote
Ai Noborihige
Costumes Mae-shite kazura (wig), kazura-obi (belt for a wig), iroiri karaori (outer robes with scarlet in patterns), kitsuke / surihaku, and a pail.
Nochi-shite aka-gashira (long red wig), tō-kanmuri (a type of crown worn by gods or Chinese emperors), awase-kariginu (lined kariginu-style kimono), kitsuke / atsuita, hangire (or hangiri; a type of hakama), koshi-obi (belt), and a Shinto hei stick.
Mae-tsure kazura, kazura-obi, iroiri karaori, kitsuke / surihaku, (and a pail).
Nochi-tsure tengan (crown for celestial bodies and female court ladies), kuro-tare (a black wig with hair extending slightly longer than the shoulder), chōken (a type of kimono), kitsuke / surihaku, hakama in ōkuchi-style (white), koshi-obi, and a fan.
Waki daijin-eboshi (eboshi-style headdress worn by ministers), awase-kariginu, kitsuke / atsuita, hakama in ōkuchi-style (white), koshi-obi, and a fan.
Waki-tsure Same as the Waki
Ai massha-zukin (a type of hood worn by lower-ranked priests), yore-mizugoromo (a type of coarsely woven knee-length kimono), kukuri-bakama (a way of wearing hakama trousers, tucking the bottoms up at the knee with a string), and a pair of gaiters.
Number of scenes Two
Length About 1 hour and 20 minutes

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