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Plays DataBase Kayoi-Komachi (Lady Komachi Visited) : Details StoryDataPhotoStory

Schools All five
Category The fourth group Noh, shūshin-mono
Author Revised by Kannami
Subject Utarongi”, “Gōke-shidai”, “Kojidan
Season Autumn (September)
Scenes maeba Hermitage of a monk in Yase in Kyoto.
nochiba Ichiharano
Characters Shite (the lead part) Vengeful spirit of General Fukakusa
Waki (supporting cast) Monk during geango training
Tsure (the companion of shite) Village woman, who is actually the ghost of Ono-no-Komachi
Masks Shite Yase-otoko, Shinkaku, or others
Tsure a mask for tsure, such as Ko’omote
Costumes Shite a white headband, a long black wig, mizugoromo (a type of knee-length kimono), kitsuke / atsuita or surihaku, white or colored ōkuchi hakama, koshi-obi (belt), and a fan. Covers himself in kosode (a type of kimono) with noshime design (no pattern) when he enters the stage. Holds a sedge rain hat later.
Waki sumi-bōshi (a hood for ordinary Buddhist monks), mizugoromo, kitsuke / noshime without pattern, koshi-obi, Buddhist prayer beads, and a fan.
Tsure kazura, kazura-obi, karaori in “kinagashi”-style, and kitsuke / surihaku. Enters the stage holding a basket with leaves.
Number of scenes Two
Length About 1 hour

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