Plays DataBaseIzutsu (The Well Head) : Details

Category The third group noh; kazuramono
Author Zeami
Subject Love story originally from the twenty-third story in Tale of Ise
Season Autumn (September)
Scenes maeba (first half of the drama) The ruins of Ariwara-dera Temple in Isonokami in Yamato region (the current Tenri City in Nara Prefecture)
nochiba (second half of the drama) The same location. From the depth of the night until the dawn.
Tsukurimono An old mound with a few stalks of Japanese pampas grass at the center of the stage. This stage-set serves as the well head depending on the scene.
Characters Mae-shite (first half lead part) a woman living in the village in Isonokami
Nochi-shite (second half lead part) the ghost of the daughter of Ki no Aritsune (in the same mask as the mae-shite)
Waki (supporting part) a traveling monk
Ai-kyogen (interluding part) a man living near the Ariwara-dera Temple
Masks Mae-shite Use a mask of a young woman held in esteem by each school. Wakaonna (Kanze), Zō-onna (Hosho), Ko'omote (Komparu, Kita), Magojirō (Kongoh)
Nochi-shite the same as mae-shite
Costumes Mae-shite kazura (a kind of wig), kazura-obi (belt for kazura), kitsuke/surihaku (a kind of kimono with gold or silver foils), karaori (a gorgeous kimono for a lady) in kinagashi style (without hakama)/iroiri (costume with red, for a young lady), holding a water pail with leaves in the water.
Nochi-shite kazura, kazura-obi, uikōburi (a type of first crown proving adulthood), makiei/oikake, kitsuke/surihaku, nuihaku-koshimaki, chōken (with Narihira-bishi pattern), koshi-obi (belt), and a fan
Waki sumibōshi (monk's regular cowl), mizugoromo (a type of knee-length kimono), kitsuke/muji-noshime (noshime style kimono without patterns), koshi-obi, a fan, and Buddhist prayer beads
Number of scenes two
Length About 1 hour and 50 minutes

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