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Here we have collected a series of interesting stories from Yasujirō Yamaguchi that we did not have room to share with you in the main interview.

Aeroplane Stories

When we asked Yasujirō his secret to staying healthy enough to fly around the world even after passing 90, he responded “It’s because I have been doing a job I really like.”

Even at 95 he happily flew for his trip to Lion, France. After arriving on Air France, the Captain called him into the cockpit. He told him that, while he had been a pilot for quite some time, this was the first time he had flown with a 95-year-old.

Another story involving an aeroplane took place over the skies of Japan, this time when he was 102 and flew to Hokkaido on the invitation of a Japanese clothing maker. Iwao tells us this story: “The passenger’s age is read from the barcode on the ticket. We were told the machine could only read ages of up to two digits, so there was no way to write in ages of more than 100. Instead of 102, on that day he was 2.” This is not your everyday experience.

Yasujirō Yamaguchi surrounded by his karaori.
Yasujirō Yamaguchi being interviewed in his workshop with one of his karaori in the background.

Photo: Shigeyoshi Ohi

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